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Wild Wellness NEPA Fund

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Wild Wellness NEPA aims to promote outdoor recreation as a key component of overall health and well-being in Northeast Pennsylvania. Our mission is to foster a culture of wellness, connection and environmental stewardship by providing outdoor experiences that enhance the physical, mental, and emotional health of individuals and our community.

At Wild Wellness NEPA, we believe in the transformative power of nature. By making outdoor recreation opportunities accessible to everyone, especiallyunderserved populations, we strive to create a community where everyone can experience the benefits of engaging with the natural world. Whether it’s through hiking, skiing, paddle boarding, yoga in the park, or community events, our programs are designed to support and improve overall well-being.

Our initiatives focus on breaking down barriers that prevent people from enjoying outdoor recreation, such as financial constraints and lack of access to equipment.By partnering with local nonprofit organizations and environmental groups, we work collaboratively to ensure that our programs are inclusive, sustainable, and impactful.

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