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Professional Advisors and The Luzerne Foundation – A Legacy of Giving

As a professional advisor, your clients rely on your recommendations to make important financial decisions.  When you have an opportunity to help your clients find a way to support charitable organizations or community needs, we can help. The Luzerne Foundation partners with attorneys, financial planners, wealth manager, accountants, and real estate professionals to carry out their clients’ charitable goals while building assets for Luzerne County and our region.  You retain complete control of your trusted client relationship while we help either behind the scenes or at the table with your clients.

When is The Luzerne Foundation a good fit? When your client:

  • Wants to give back to the community
  • Hopes to involve children in giving
  • Has specific charitable goals or interests
  • Is considering establishing a private foundation
  • Wishes to include a charity in an estate plan

When might be a good time to start the conversation? When your client:

  • Is creating an estate plan
  • Has just sold a business or other major asset
  • Is planning for retirement
  • Is revising a will

Let’s Talk

Our staff’s expertise can provide your client with in-depth understanding of issues in our community such as homelessness, childhood trauma and abuse, economic development, poverty, historic preservation, art initiatives, and human services.

We can provide:

Solutions: ways for your client to help our community based on best practices and our 25 years of experience in planned giving, plus our knowledge of current and emerging needs.

Conversations: answers to questions your client may have concerning their philanthropy.

Methods: use our library of forms as your resource to develop and execute a giving plan for your client.

Stewardship: transparent information regarding our fees and investment performance, audited financial statements, 990’s, and history of grantmaking.

Options: a variety of ways, tailored to your clients’ unique situation, to make a charitable gift including bequests, life insurance, real estate, Charitable Remainder Trust and, of course, outright gifts of cash and securities.

The Luzerne Foundation is a philanthropic leader. A community resource. A financial steward. We are ready to assist you and your clients in realizing their philanthropic intentions.

Tools and Resources

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