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Fundholder Resources

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Fundholder’s Resource Guide

By creating a charitable fund, you have joined a community of donors who are actively involved with the Foundation’s work through their funds. Each of our fund advisors has a wealth of firsthand knowledge of their community’s needs. The Foundation hopes that you will share your observations about specific charitable needs that are important to you. Likewise, staff may share with you projects or organizations that we feel may be of interest to you.

Philanthropic and Donor Services

The Luzerne Foundation provides opportunities for fund advisors and their families to expand and pursue their philanthropic goals through individualized services, educational programming and other event opportunities.

Connecting with Nonprofits

The Luzerne Foundation is in close communication with nonprofits, and staff is available to contact and gather more information about the nonprofit community. Throughout the year, staff arranges visits to a variety of nonprofit organizations throughout Luzerne County to get a better understanding of the community and its needs. You are welcome to attend these visits with us.

Partnering with The Luzerne Foundation Programs and Initiatives

The Luzerne Foundation is involved in many different programs and initiatives to support a stronger Luzerne County. With your fund, you can partner with The Luzerne Foundation to support programs such as early childhood and parenting education, mentoring, youth philanthropy and environmental education. Please speak with staff to learn about these programs and how you can help. A list of The Luzerne Foundation programs and initiatives can also be located on the website. Click here to view the list.


The Luzerne Foundation offers periodic programs covering a wide variety of topics and donor interests. These programs provide you with an opportunity to listen to and learn from peers as well as those working in the nonprofit sector. Events allow The Luzerne Foundation advisors and donors to interact and share stories. Staff will alert you to these opportunities and they will be listed on the website.

Family Philanthropy

The Foundation has many donors who encourage their children to carry on their own tradition of philanthropy. An advised fund is a great resource to assist you in introducing your children to philanthropy. When the time is right for your family, The Luzerne Foundation staff can meet with you to clarify shared family values and goals. We can help you develop a value statement and set of goals that will guide future grantmaking from your fund.

Research Reports

As part of our support to donors and charitable giving in our region, the Foundation keeps abreast of research and publications on issues that affect our communities. We are constantly immersing ourselves in statistics and information that will provide future benefits to our community.

Grantmaking Associations of Northeastern Pennsylvania

The Luzerne Foundation is an active participate in the Regional Association of Grantmakers and the Pennsylvania Association of Grantmakers. This membership organization serves the philanthropic community providing information, gatherings and networking opportunities.

Fund Management

You may add to your fund at any time. The Luzerne Foundation accepts gifts in several different forms: cash, check, stock transfer, wire transfer and online. When making additions to your fund via check, simply make it out to “The Luzerne Foundation” and mail it to our office, with a note indicating that it is an addition to your advised fund. We will mail you a tax receipt for your records.

When making an addition to your fund via stock transfer or wire transfer, please contact staff so that we may provide you with transfer instructions and work with your broker to complete the transaction. Once the transfer is complete, we will provide you with a tax receipt.

If you have questions about other types of assets such as real estate property, please contact us.

Year-End Giving

Many donors prefer to make additions to their fund in December. If you plan to make a year-end stock gift, please let us know to ensure that your contributions are handled in a timely manner. If timing is of concern, be sure to:

  • Ask us for The Luzerne Foundation’s account number to give to your brokerage firm;
  • Include our account number in a letter to your broker requesting they transfer the stock and send us a copy of the letter.

The Foundation also offers an opportunity to make year-end grants to nonprofit organizations:

  • For an advised fund, send in your grant recommendations by December 10. The Luzerne Foundation board of directors will review recommendations and approved grants will be paid by December 31.
  • At the time of a year-end gift to the Foundation, you can designate all or a portion of that gift to be distributed to nonprofit organizations. Include a list of organizations along with the grant purpose with your gift. This is considered a “pass through” gift.
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