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How To Donate

How To Donate2024-06-05T12:44:10-04:00

The Luzerne Foundation allows individuals, families, businesses, clubs, and non profit organizations to donate in many different ways. Read below to find out more.

Donate Online
To make an unrestricted gift to The Luzerne Foundation, CLICK HERE
*Please note this will take you to our third party PayPal processing page.

Donate to a Specific Fund
The Luzerne Foundation currently manages over 350 unique funds. There are many different types of funds from which to choose. Click here to see all of our funds, or call us at 570.822.2065 to make your donation.

Millennium Circle
Originally started by a group of $2,000 donors, The Millennium Circle’s goal is to reach 2,000 members and a fund that would present in excess of $200,000 in community grants each year. Find out more and join the Millennium Circle HERE.

Community Nonprofit Organizations
Sometimes, a local nonprofit organization is the perfect solution. When a person’s or group’s giving goals are aligned with those of a specific charity, we will connect the two directly. Call us at 570.822.2065 to find out more.

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