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Updating Funds

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When you established your fund at The Luzerne Foundation, you created an easy and effective way to achieve your philanthropic goals. You can continue using your fund to recommend grants to organizations you’ve already supported, or learn more about organizations and issues you may want to consider.

We Are Your Resource
The Luzerne Foundation can provide information about needs in our community and let you know about the organizations and collaborations who are addressing them. We are in a unique position of having strong relationships with nonprofits across Luzerne County and we work with many other grant organizations.

You Are Our Resource
Where do you see needs? You are our eyes and ears in the community. Be in touch with us often and let us know where we should be focusing our energy. Very often we are made aware of initiatives that may be just right for the need in your area.

Updating Fundholder Resources

We are in the process of updating all of our fundholder records. This is being done for two reasons: 1) To renew our compliance with the National Standards for Community Foundations and 2) To further enhance your fund page on our website. Please take a moment to click on the links below to complete the 2018 fundholder survey and the website information sheet. They may be returned to us via email, mail or by fax at 570.300.1712. thank you!

Updating Your Fund’s Information

In the process of updating our website, we can now add more information to the page that describes your fund.  Unlike the annual Community Guide which has limited space, your webpage on The Luzerne Foundation website (www.luzfdn.org) can accommodate much more.  Thus we’re asking you to consider sending us items and information such as:

  • Longer descriptions of the Fund’s mission.
  • The story of how the fund came to be and why.
  • A logo (if one is available – jpg format please.)
  • Your website address so we may link to it.
  • Photos – of people or events associated with the fund.
  • Examples of the types of grants made from the fund.
  • Upcoming events being held to support the fund.

Not every fund will have all of this information, but our goal is to provide visitors to our site more information about the types of funds at The Luzerne Foundation and, perhaps, a reason to contribute.

PLEASE submit any logos or photos in jpg format.

PLEASE submit any articles or other information in a Word Document format.

We can scan photos if necessary but would prefer all items submitted digitally.

Send them to: Donna Eiden at donna@luzfdn.org

If you have any questions please call Donna Eiden at 570.822.2065.

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