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Types of Funds

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We are “here for good.” The Luzerne Foundation helps people create funds to do good today and lasting good for tomorrow. The creation of a fund is a simple, personal and powerful way to give back to your community. The Luzerne Foundation manages over 318 funds of which no two are exactly alike. We understand that donors have many charitable interests, and we make it easy for donors to:

1) find information about local nonprofits that fit their charitable giving goals.
2) find information about various ways to give.
3) find information regarding existing funds that fit their charitable giving goals.
4) find information about starting their own fund within the foundation.

Funds can be personalized in any combination of the above to meet the donor’s needs.

Unrestricted Funds

general_purpose_grantmaking_thumbUnrestricted Funds support open grant programs. Applications are sent to over 800 nonprofits throughout the region each year. An awards committee evaluates the submitted grant applications on the basis of relevance, numbers of people served and benefit to the overall welfare of the community.

Donor Advised Funds

donor_advised_thumbDonor-Advised Funds are established by people who wish to have a continuing role in the grant process and recommend, year-to-year, where they want their contributions to go.
See an example of a Donor Advised Fund

Designated Funds

designated_fund_thumbDesignated Funds make grants automatically to particular, pre-selected nonprofit organizations each year at the donor’s request.
See an example of a Designated Fund

Field of Interest

field_of_interest_thumbField of Interest Funds benefit a particular area of interest such as health care, education, arts, diversity, autism or the environment. Grant applications are distributed to relevant organizations.
See an example of a Field of Interest Fund

Organizational Endowments

organizational_endowment_thumbOrganizational Endowment Funds create an endowment with a permanent income stream and provide investment management resource for a specific nonprofit organization or agency.
See an example of an Organizational Endowments Fund

Scholarship Funds

scholarship_fund_thumbScholarship funds distribution is often delegated to an independent scholarship committee from a school, a group, or a family.
See an example of a Scholarship Fund

Click on a fund name to learn more or to make a donation!

The AARMED Fund (Addiction & Recovery Members Ending Drug Use)

Adopt a Single Mom Project Fund of The Luzerne Foundation

The Advocacy Fund for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Alumni Association of the Luzerne County Treatment Court Programs

Amazing People Fund of The Luzerne Foundation

Anti-Bullying Coalition of Luzerne County Fund

John J. Aponick, Jr Memorial Fund of The Luzerne Foundation

ASHE Northeast Penn Fund

The Athena Rose Tucker YouAreYou Program Fund

Autism Awareness – NEPA Fund

August Open Fund

The Back Mountain Police Assocation Fund

Back Mountain Recreation Fund

Jamie Baker Memorial Scholarship Fund

Joshua Balara Scholarship Fund of the Luzerne Foundation

The Jimmy Balchune Memorial Fund

Charles and Denny Barber Family Fund

Coach George Barilla Memorial Scholarship Fund of The Luzerne Foundation

Kerron Barnes/Whitewater Challengers Scholarship Fund

Bear Creek Association – Dam Fund

Leanne Bedwick Scholarship Fund

Al Beech Food Pantry Fund

The Debbie Darling Belenski Memorial Fund

The Constance L. Bell Library Endowment Fund

The Bench Project

Benjamin Franklin Trust Fund

Berkshire Asset Management Fund

Bevevino Family Fund

The Beyond Grateful Fund

Ignaz, Tekla & Leonard M. Bielski Family Fund

Lisa Ann Marie Blaum Brighter Future Award

Boost Business NEPA Fund

Thelma K. and Samuel Bosch Scholarship Award Fund

Paul Brace Jr. Dallas Athletic Scholarship Fund of The Luzerne Foundation

Brandon’s Forever Home Fund

Kenneth R. Bryden, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Daylene Burnside Administrative Endowment Fund

Joe and Jeanne Butcher Family Fund

Jeanne R. Butcher Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Butterfly Scholarship Fund

The Crescenzo G. Calise Fund

Brandon J. Case Memorial Fund

Brian Cashmere Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Cavalcade of Jazz Fund

Celebrity Luncheon Fund

Celtic Hospice Community Care Fund

City Impact Fund

Robert J. Clark Scholarship Fund

1LT Michael J. Cleary Memorial Fund

1LT Michael J. Cleary Memorial Scholarship Fund

Closing Cases Fund

Coltrane Family Charitable Fund

The Constellation Fund

The Jess A. Corch Memorial Fund for Glioblastoma

James Cortegerone Memorial Scholarship Fund

Crisci Family Fund

CYC/Parente Family Fund

Michael Daniel Memorial Scholarship Fund

Darte-Darling Fund

Peter Degnan Memorial Endowment Fund

1LT Jeffrey F. DePrimo Memorial Fund

1LT Jeffrey F. DePrimo Memorial Scholarship Fund

James M. Desiderio Memorial Scholarship Fund

CSC/ Joe DeVizia Family Fund

Disaster Recovery Coalition of Luzerne County

District A Fund

Doreen S. Dougherty Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dowd Family Charitable Fund

Down Syndrome Network Fund

The Dr. Jen’s Hope Fund

Earthly Angels Autism Fund

The Corey A. Ehret Scholarship Fund

The Jessica Ellis Memorial Fund

Emily’s Gracious Gifts

Allen and Mary Erwine Family Hospice Fund

Eye Care Specialists Charitable Fund

Mary Louise and Eberhard Faber Scholarship Fund

Facher Award Fund

The Fallen Swan Scholarship Fund

The Edward A. & Mary Farley-Pane Charitable Fund

Ava Fellerman Memorial Fund

J. J. Ferrara/Philharmonic Society Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dr. Guy V. & D. Keith Ferrell Scholarship Fund

The FFCF-Alice Kender Honorary Scholarship Fund

Figment of Your Imagination Charitable Fund in Memory of Dee Solano

Harold and Jean Flack Family Fund

Flack Family Fund

Flowing River Fund of The Luzerne Foundation

Foley Family Charitable Fund

The Erik Fredmund Memorial Fund

The Friedman Family Charitable Fund

The Friends of NEPA Wrestling Fund

Fund for Luzerne County

Dave Galli “True Patriot” Scholarship

Nancy Garvey Memorial Scholarship Fund

Judy Geer-Spitale Fund

Generation To Generation

The Marianne Genetti Health Sciences Scholarship

Val and Gus Genetti Family Fund

Georgetown Settlement Camp Fund

The Steven P. Geraci & Paul W. Penkala Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Lou Goeringer Family Fund for the Visually Impaired

Lou Goeringer Family Fund

George J. Goode Scholarship Fund

The Mickey Gorham Memorial Blue-Gold Fund

Grandparents Raising Granchildren Fund

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren of Wyoming County

Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber Young Professional Giving Fund

Jane Lampe Groh Fine Arts Fiesta Fund

Omar D. Hamilton Fund

Stewart and Sharon Harry Fund

Harveys Lake Community Event Fund

Hazleton College Access Fund of The Luzerne Foundation

Hazleton College Access Fund Scholarship of The Luzerne Foundation

Hazleton Integration Fund

Hazleton Kiwanis Club Charitable Fund

The Health Fund of The Luzerne Foundation

Frank M. Henry Family Fund

Here’s to You, Kid!

The Heroes Hearthstone Fund

Michael and Kathleen Hirthler Fund

Historic & Landscape Preservation Fund of The Luzerne Foundation

Hometown Heroes 5K Run/Walk Fund

Ronald E. Hontz Memorial Scholarship Fund

Hourigan, Kluger & Quinn Fund for Children’s Advocacy

The Virginia M. and Robert C. Hopkins Scholarship Fund

The Lila & Darnell Howard Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ed Hughes Scholarship Fund

Hunts For Healing

Carol A. Hurley Scholar Athlete Award

In Concert With the Arts Fund

Leonard & Lita Insalaco Family Fund

Independent Cat Rescuers Fund of The Luzerne Foundation

The Florence Foster Jenkins Fund

Jenkins-Harding Cemetery Preservation Fund

Danny Jones Jr. Memorial Fund

The Robyn Jones Scholarship Fund of the Luzerne County Foundation

Junior League of Wilkes-Barre Endowment Fund

The Jurassic Raptor 570 Fund of The Luzerne Foundation

Paul Kafrissen Memorial Fund

Mary Ann Malinics Kaminski Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Sean P. Kane Memorial Fund

The Allan S. Karaffa Memorial Fund

Clayton and Theresa Karambelas Fund

Kevin Karl Music Foundation FOI Fund

Kevin Karl Music Foundation Scholarship Fund

The Kashatus Family Scholarship Fund

Dr. W. Francis Keating Memorial Fund

Kelci Ever After Do Good Fund

Thomas P. Kilduff Memorial Fund of the Luzerne Foundation

Kenneth G. & Patricia E. Kirk Scholarship

Dr. David W. Kistler Scholarship Fund

The John C. Kistler Scholarship

Lawrence M. Klemow, Esq. Memorial Scholarship Fund of The Luzerne Foundation

LWB – Kline Scholarship Fund of Leadership Wilkes-Barre

LWB – Sue Kline Kluger Leadership Excellence Fund

Knecht Scholarship Fund

Krogulski Family Fund

LCCC Scholarship Fund

LCCEA-Food and Facts Fund

Lefkowitz Family Fund

LIU 18 – The Luzerne Learns to Work Scholarship Fund

Logue Family Scholarship Award Fund

Love All Ways! Fund

The Loyal Patriots of America Fund for Pittston

Luzerne County Arts and Entertainment Hall of Fame Fund

Luzerne County Catholic School Education Scholarship Fund

Luzerne County Historical Society Funds

Luzerne Foundation’s General Fund

Luzerne Intermediate Unit 18 Fund

Luzerne-Wyoming Counties Elder Abuse Task Force Fund

Joe and Gloria Lyons Memorial Scholarship Fund

Officer Robert E. Mack WSCTC Law Enforcement/Police Science Program Scholarship Fund

Making A Difference

Kenneth L. Malkemes, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Shawn C. Malone Memorial Fund

The John Malvizzi Foundation Fund

MamaBird Fund

Carrie Martin “We Can Make the World a Better Place” Memorial Scholarship Fund

John Mashinski Memorial Scholarship Fund

Maslow Fund for the Arts

Max and Lorraine Fund

John A. McCole Campership Trust for Wilkes-Barre YMCA

LWB – McGowan Leadership Fund

McGowan Cornerstone Scholarship Award

McGowan Fund

The Gene and Lois McKeown Endowment Fund

Raeann Rose Merlino Memorial Scholarship

John and Mary Metz Memorial Fund

Miles for Michael Fund

Millennium Circle

David Miller Memorial Fund

Miner-Shoemaker Fund

The Joseph A. Moran Scholarship Fund

The Mary Morenko Memorial Scholarship Fund

Libby K. Morris-Remick Memorial Fund

The Kristopher David Moules Memorial Fund for the Heroes

The Robert A. Mugford Family Fund

Phyllis Mundy’s Fund for Children

NEPA Black Owned Business Expo Charitable Fund

NEPA Chapter of AIA Scholarship Fund

NEPA Chapter of AIA Lecture Pass-through Fund

NEPA Philharmonic/Flack Family Fund

Lori Nocito Leadership Legacy Fund

W. Kevin O’Donnell Memorial Scholarship Fund

Osterhout Free Library Endowment Fund

The Dr. Drue Paden Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Palko Family Fund

Parenting Autism United Fund

Frank Pasdon Memorial Scholarship Fund

Patriots Cove

Corrine Pawling Family Endowment Fund

Deborah Samko Pearlman Educational Scholarship Award

Stewardship Endowment Fund for North Branch Land Trust

The Ann Marie Piasecki Memorial Scholarship Fund

John Glenn Popple Memorial Fund

Joseph Pudlosky Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Rainbow Fund for Northeastern Pennsylvania

Bob Raineri Memorial Fund

The Responsibility Fund


Christina Mihalko Rock Memorial Scholarship Fund

Lawrence W. Roth, Esq. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ruckno Family Charitable Fund

The Paul and Mary Jo Rushin Fund

Laura E. Rutkowski Memorial Scholarship Fund

Michael B. Schecter Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jason Schilling Memorial Fund

Nathan N. Schiowitz Family – VTSC Jr. Membership Fund

Schiowitz Grass Roots Housing Initiative Fund

The David and Martine Schoenwetter Family Fund

Libby Schomas Fund

Nancy and Edward Shafer Family Fund

Shafer Family Fund

Sharing Recovery Fund

Don J. Shaw Memorial Fund

Pat Shotwell’s Faith Over Fear Fund – Finishing the Fight

Dr. Jennifer A. Sidari Memorial Scholarship Fund

Siegel Family Scholarship Fund

Simko Love Fund

Adam Slamas Memorial Scholarship Fund of TLF

John and Barbara Sobeck Charitable Fund

SPCA Jade Memorial Fund

SPCA Spay and Neuter Endowment

George F. Speace, MD, FACS Pre-Med/Nursing Scholarship of The Luzerne Foundation

Louis Claude de St. Martin Fund

Stoddartsville Preservation Society Fund

Straub Family Fund

Street Art Society Fund

The Robert M. & Doris A. Stevens Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Reverend Joseph Streit Fund

The Clark Switzer Normandy Academy Scholarship Fund

Taylor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center – Health and Wellness Fund

Temple B’nai B’rith Fund for the NEPA Philharmonic

Thalenfeld Family Fund

ThinkBIG Pediatric Cancer Growth Fund

Charlotte Williams Thomas Award Fund

The Times Leader – Book of Dreams Fund

Tri-Centennial Fund of 2076

William and Constance Umphred Fund

The Jason Ungurian Memorial Scholarship Fund of The Luzerne Foundation

United Blend PA Community Center

Valley with a Heart Benefits Fund

Salvatore A. Verrastro Memorial Fund

Vital House – HASD Fund

The Walsh Award for Women in the Sciences Fund of The Luzerne Foundation

The Weaver Family Fund

Kathy Wega Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Kyle Wega Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Weinstock Family Fund

Westmoreland Club Charitable Foundation

Wilkes-Barre Action Park Fund

Wilkes-Barre City Crime Watch “Cause for Paws”

Wilkes-Barre Cemetery Beautification Fund

The Wilkes-Barre General Hospital Auxiliary Fund

Wilkes Barre General Hospital Scholarship Fund

Wilkes-Barre NAACP

Wilkes-Barre Preservation Society

Wilkes-Barre Special Needs Playground Fund

The Bill and Sandi Williams Fund

Leonard “Big Red” Williams Scholarship Fund

Fran Williams Head Start Scholarship Fund

Wolfpack Football Fund

Wyandt Family Charitable Fund

Wyoming Valley West Funds

Wyoming/West Wyoming Little League Endowment Fund

James and Regina Yates Fund

The Charles and Caroline Youngman Family Charitable Fund

Young Mens Christian Association of Pittston Fund

Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) Fund

Yudichak Family Endowment Fund

Yudichak Family Lighthouse Annual Fund

Sarah “Sally” Yudichak Endowment Fund

Dr. William D. Ziegler Memorial Scholarship Fund

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