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Apply for a Millennium Circle Grant

Apply for a Millennium Circle Grant2023-09-13T11:53:39-04:00

Local nonprofits, how does $25,000 sound?

Millennium Circle Luncheon
Thursday, November 2, 2023

Friedman Jewish Community Center
613 S J Strauss Ln,
Kingston, PA 18704

Doors open at 11:30 AM  
Luncheon starts promptly at noon

The luncheon is free; however, donations are encouraged and appreciated.

Guests are welcome!

Please include any dietary concerns at that time.

The grant award for 2023 will be $25,000…

Luzerne County Nonprofit organizations, seek out a Millennium Circle member and ask them to nominate your organization. 

Millennium Circle members, nominate your favorite charity

Click here for a Millennium Circle Membership list

Due Date: Friday, October 6th at the close of business

How will this work? 

This year, applications must be submitted through our grant portal.

Applications will only be considered if they are accompanied by a nomination from one of the Millennium Circle members.

Nominations must be submitted to jessica@luzfdn.org.

All nominations and applications must be submitted by the October 6th deadline.

We cannot consider incomplete applications, nor can we “hold your place” in line until missing data is supplied.

The 2023 Millennium Circle Advisory Committee will deliberate and select 4-6 finalists who will make their presentations at the luncheon on Sunday, November 2, 2023 at the Friedman JCC. Millennium Circle Members will then cast their vote for a deserving charity that will receive $25,000.


Last year, Keystone Mission received the $25,000 grant. Click here to learn more!

Please call The Luzerne Foundation at 570.822.2065 if you have any questions. You may ask the nonprofit organization to help complete the application; however, it must include a Millennium Circle Member’s signature upon submission.

I look forward to seeing you at The Millennium Circle Luncheon on November 2.

2021 Millennium Circle Fund Grant Recipient

Members of The Millennium Circle Fund of The Luzerne Foundation awarded a $25,000 grant to Fork Over Love after listening intently to six presentations before casting their vote. With the 2021 grant award considered, the Millennium Circle Fund has awarded $439,000 in grant funding since its inception in 2001.
“We are beyond excited to receive the Millennium Circle 2021 grant from The Luzerne Foundation. This is not just a win for Fork Over Love, this is a win for the entire community. The money we receive will help us continue to our mission to nourish the community by strengthening our small, independent restaurants as we pay them to provide hot, nutritious takeout meals that we can then distribute to our neighbors for free. Fork Over Love is proof positive that together we can create a new system of care, one that satisfies everyone’s hunger for food, connection, belonging, love.” commented , Tracey Selingo, Founder and Chair of Fork Over Love.
“Although the COVID pandemic has altered our lives, it cannot change the commitment of our Millennium Circle members. Many thanks to everyone who came to the luncheon. Six incredible presentations captured the most significant needs in Luzerne County. After thoughtful consideration, The Millennium Circle membership voted and awarded Fork Over Love the $25,000 grant. Many thanks to all of the charities for their participation, and congratulations to Fork Over Love on being selected as the 2021 Grant Recipient,” said C. David Pedri, Esq., President & CEO.

About Fork Over Love…

Fork Over Love (FOL) is a 100% volunteer- and donation-based 501(c)(3) dedicated to changing the narrative on food insecurity in Luzerne County by elevating all who are struggling with a new system of community care.

To this end, FOL solicits the help of the community to strengthen our small, independent restaurant community by paying them to provide hot, nutritious takeout meals that are then distributed to the entire community for free so that our food-insecure neighbors can access healthy meals with absolute dignity and no stigma or shame.
FOL believes that food is the foundation of a healthy life and that restaurants are the foundation of a healthy, culturally diverse community.
By investing in our restaurants to feed our people, we know that we are creating a socially innovative and responsible solution to nourish our entire community with dignity, grace, and power—physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, culturally, and economically.
Since its inception on January 8, 2021, FOL has held 41 free community dinners throughout Luzerne County, reinvested over $130,000 in the restaurant community, and served over 13,000 meals by engaging 60 restaurants, 30 host sites, and over 130 volunteers.

2019 Millennium Circle Fund Grant Recipient

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