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The Luzerne Foundation accepts gifts of all sizes and in a variety of forms. For an endowment, a minimum of $10,000 is required so that significant awards can be made each year. However, donors may begin a fund with as little as $1,000 and build it to $10,000 within five (5) years. Pass-thru funds may be established with $1,000 or more and are intended to meet current needs and future opportunities.

In order to receive a charitable income tax deduction and/or estate tax deduction, all gifts to The Luzerne Foundation are irrevocable in accordance with applicable federal and state laws.

There are many reasons to establish a fund at The Luzerne Foundation such as:

  • Fulfill the donor’s charitable wishes, now and in perpetuity.
  • Preserve and protect a donor’s charitable intent.
  • Professional staff to assist with grant making, investment management and overall administration.
  • Fewer restrictions, less paperwork and administrative expenses than with private foundations.
  • Regular meetings help inform donors of current issues/needs in the region.
  • Tax benefits – cash contributions are fully deductible up to 50% of adjusted gross income vs. 30% with a private foundation.

The Luzerne Foundation provides personal service, helping individuals, families, businesses, clubs and nonprofit organizations achieve their charitable giving objectives. The Luzerne Foundation’s involvement can be as simple as referring a donor to a community nonprofit organization or as involved as working with a donor’s financial consultants, accountants and attorneys to establish a new fund. The Foundation acts as a catalyst to bring diverse groups together to address local needs, foster greater giving and build endowments.

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Memorial Funds

When a loved one passes away many families and friends wish to create a lasting legacy in honor of his or her life. Making the decision of which charity or charities should receive donations can be daunting during this highly emotional time. A Memorial Fund at The Luzerne Foundation gives you time to consider how best to represent your loved one’s passions and interests.

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