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Kevin Karl Music Foundation FOI Fund

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The Kevin Karl Music Foundation FOI Fund was established by family and friends of Kevin Karl in his honor and memory to preserve and protect his legacy of music appreciation, music education, and the simple joy of music. The Fund’s mission is to strengthen the state of music education, stress the importance of music as an integral part of society, and make music accessible to all.
In Kevin Karl’s memory, the Fund will give children the chance to create, experience, and enjoy everything music has to offer. Providing an opportunity to bring Kevin’s family, friends, and new friends together to celebrate his passion for life; remembering his love for Penn State, and appreciation for music & Sound production.
The objective of the FoI (Field of Interest) Fund is to raise awareness on how important the Music program is for our Area Students.  The Fund will provide grants and support for various projects, programs, equipment, training, and other related activities promoting the enjoyment and/or study of music of all kinds in high schools, either public, private, or parochial within Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.
In addition, the Fund will assist local music instructor(s) to provide Music lessons to a child or children who does not have the ability to afford the lessons.

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