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Flowing River Fund of The Luzerne Foundation

Flowing River Fund of The Luzerne Foundation2024-05-10T13:53:57-04:00

The Buddha reminds us, “Each morning, we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” So thanks for donating to our little organization, Flowing River. We are a group that for the past 26+ years has been paying attention to the needs of the most vulnerable in the community and we respond with compassion and generosity. Flowing River was founded by Sr. Barbara Craig, a Sister of Mercy who lived the core values of mercy, service, justice, and hospitality. We need your help to continue her good works. This year our focus is on supporting homeless and children in our community. Thank you for your generosity that will lift others up and is sure to lift you up too! Peace & Blessings to you.

“In generosity and helping others be like the river” – Rumi

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