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Ed Hughes Scholarship Fund

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The Ed Hughes Scholarship Fund was created by Mr. Ed Hughes through a gift to The Luzerne Foundation. Although Mr. Hughes lived for many years in Arizona, he never lost his love and affection for Freeland, PA, his hometown. Through this Fund, it was Mr. Hughes’ most sincere intention to assist qualified students from the greater Freeland, PA area achieve their highest potential after a successful high school career.
Mr. Hughes wanted to help the “best student.” The “best” is not merely in terms of academic achievement and performance on standardized tests, but as an active participant in the school and community. Has the student had challenges in his/her life which may have caused others to stumble? Are there financial, physical, or family circumstances that may have limited their performance, but which show character and spirit to succeed? Therefore, many aspects of performance and character will be considered when determining the “best” students who shall earn this award.
In memory of Mr. Ed Hughes, this scholarship will be awarded to four students, one male and one female, from both the Hazleton Area High School and MMI Preparatory School. This is an annual award, renewable up to four years contingent upon recipients maintaining a 2.75 GPA or better and providing annual progress updates.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a graduating high school senior from Hazleton Area High School or MMI Preparatory School who is a longtime resident (3 years or more) of the greater Freeland, PA area
  • Must show strong academic performance or continual academic improvement
  • Must have proven community service and strong extracurricular/community/volunteer involvement
  • If applicable, student should demonstrate how he/she has risen above any adverse life circumstances to achieve beyond what might have been expected (This can be included in your essay.)
  • Must show demonstrated financial need
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