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Wilkes-Barre Action Park fund

Wilkes-Barre Action Park fund2023-06-30T14:02:34-04:00
Wilkes-Barre Action Park Fund
Skateboarding, scooters, and BMX bikes are a vibrant and important activity in Wilkes-Barre and has been for several decades. This is true despite a lack of public action parks. The City of Wilkes-Barre plans to change that by building a full “Action Park” at Hollenback Park just off Wilkes-Barre Blvd. and the Cross Valley Expressway.
Action parks provide riders of all ages a place to gather, cheer each other on, teach new tricks to newbies, and cooperate in a shared space. Newcomers and seasoned riders can hone their skills away from busy streets in a safe, purpose-built environment.
In areas where childhood obesity rates are high and school retention rates are low, Action parks keep youth motivated, engaged and active. Kids on skateboards, scooters, balance bikes practice their coordination without the risk of rogue pebbles or cracks in the pavement derailing them. In action parks, some parents look on, giving beginner riders enthusiastic thumbs up and words of encouragement. Some parents are right in there with their kids, passing down ideas and tips from when they started skateboarding or riding bikes.
Please consider a fully tax deductible contribution or even a sponsorship and a naming opportunity. This is your community, and your children and neighbors. Your contribution will count towards a life-time of fun for children of all ages and capabilities.
“Skaters without adequate facilities have often turned to skating on public infrastructure,” Mayor Brown said, “causing property damage and leading to controversy, tension, and public misconceptions. This activity plan is a blueprint for how to better support local skaters and enthusiasts of other wheeled sports.”

With your assistance, the City will build this multi-purpose action Park at Hollenback Park, and as gifts allow, continue to make enhancements to the action park over time.

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