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Luzerne Intermediate Unit 18 Fund

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The Luzerne Intermediate Unit provides consultative, technical, supportive, advisory and educational services to the twelve participating school districts.  These charitable funds will augment services to the student population within each district:
The LIU 18 – Special Education Fund
The Luzerne Intermediate Unit 18 provides special education and related service to resident children with disabilities who are ages three through twenty-one. Public schools must ensure that children with disabilities are educated to the maximum extent appropriate in the regular education environment, and that the instruction they receive conforms as much as possible to the instruction that non-disabled students receive.
The LIU 18 – Behavioral Health Fund
The Luzerne Intermediate Unit Behavioral Health Department serves as a leader in integrating mental health and educational services through a comprehensive system maximizing the least restrictive option.
The LIU 18 – Student Activities Fund
This fund will provide enhanced resources for programs and services including, but not exclusive to, the annual Field Day, scholarships, and other special events and programs for the students.
The LIU 18 – Education Fund
This fund will provide enhanced resources to improve technology and communications, specialized software, services for alternative education, additional training and capacity building.
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