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Irem Temple Restoration and Preservation Fund

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Built in 1906, the Irem Temple building in Wilkes-Barre is a national treasure. It has been acclaimed as one of the nation’s most significant examples of Moorish Revival Architecture that without your help, will become a tragedy.

This architectural wonder is deteriorating, but it can be saved while becoming a central part of the revitalization of downtown Wilkes-Barre and all of Northeastern Pennsylvania. By returning the 1st floor of the main hall to its original configuration (flat with no seats) and re-purposing the rest of the building, we can create a viable center for activities, events and entertainment.

The first step is to preserve and secure the building to prevent further deterioration. Our team is working with the Greater Wilkes-Barre Development Corporation to receive proposals to do this work. All donations will go towards the cause of revitalizing this beautiful piece of our city’s history.

Subsequent steps will be taken as resources become available. The long-term intention is to get as much of the building preserved, refurbished, and functioning as possible.

The Irem Temple Restoration and Preservation Fund Advisory Committee shall be comprised of local citizens who are dedicated to our region’s architectural and cultural heritage, plus members of the Luzerne Foundation’s Board and/or staff as appropriate. This group, with the assistance of volunteers and/or staff, shall set strategy and purpose to fundraising and prudent use of available resources to achieve the long-term goals mentioned above.

In the unfortunate event that the Irem Temple Building deteriorates beyond repair, all remaining contributions will be used for historic preservation projects in Greater Wilkes-Barre.

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